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Radiation Cathedral series


Radiation Cathedral


Sunrise Sine Wave

_1073773 copy-blue.jpg



A dandelions small prayer...

These works attempt to call their viewers into quiet reverence through a focus on time, memory, and light. They are each excerpts: artifacts from a temple celebrating the invisible forces which shape each of us.


I draw inspiration from architectural forms which delineate sacred spaces from everyday life–things like archways or stained glass. These spaces are designed to allow us the freedom of contemplation. Similarly, I hope these works give you some room to think, and I hope this space blesses your thinking.


I think it is possible to find lasting peace in small moments: As I drive into work, I appreciate the cold winter sunrise. I find hope in the clover blooming in spring. I admire the tenacity of summer dandelions which thrive in difficult environments. I observe the leaves which have fallen as the weather begins to change.


Each of these works uses light to mediate time like a photograph–calling attention to a moment just as it passes. They ask you to pay attention to the present and its continual metamorphosis into memory.

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