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DotDotDot sculpture installation by Frank Geiser

Queen anne’s lace flowers, coal, broken windshield from that one car accident on Broadway, cold cathode florescent lamps, 900v inverter boxes, wiring, plywood, plexiglass, lead

An ellipsis of shattered glass and a collection of dead flowers. Inspired by Mihrabs, prayer niches in Islamic Architecture, “DotDotDot” presents the broken windshield from a car accident backlit and framed as a specimen. I'm hoping to create a space which allows for a careful interrogation of the artwork's material history.


I think an ellipsis is used very differently in the advent of texting, tweeting, and phone keyboards. I was thinking about its traditional role, signifying something has been truncated, but I also think about its usage in a text message to denote a heavy pause.

_1028055-reedit copy.jpg
DotDotDot sculpture installation by Frank Geiser
DotDotDot sculpture detail by Frank Geiser
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