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I think simplicity is found only in abstraction. Even remarkably simple things–bare things–are immensely complicated. Material history and transient states fundamentally change how we see things. Everything and everyone exists in a state of change, and evidence of these changes complicates our mental picture of familiar things.

I look for scenes at the intersecting points of different stories, trying to find images with a complicated legacy, or presenting multiple viewpoints. The straightforward way in which I approach the subject matter of these photographs is important: I am exploring the tension created by photographs which are compositionally flat, but contextually multilayered

My work is concerned with surfaces: seemingly flat planes on which traces of the past are etched into the current moment. What at first appears to be insignificant and monogenous, becomes a record of multiple timelines converging at once. Change is inevitable, but photographs allow us to appreciate things at near-instantaneous moments, freezing that change where it can be considered more carefully.

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