A chair for both of us, even if you aren't here to sit in yours.



Glass diffusion fiber optic cable, copper, steel, wood, resin, microprocessor, laser diodes, wiring

Two chairs flash in a darkened space, at times in-sync, at times at odds. The artist uses fiber optic cable to create a metaphor for communication (or maybe the lack thereof) and the absence of a physical body in digital space. “A chair for...” explores both interconnectedness and alienation, concepts which have grown even more complicated throughout the covid pandemic.


"A chair for both of us..." is controlled by a multithreaded python script run on a raspberry pi. The chairs fade in and out, cycling back and forth between fading on and off together and alternating. The entire cycle takes about three minutes, and can be seen in the video below.

Other Views

Fiber optic Sculpture
Fiber optic Sculpture