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My artworks attempt to call viewers into quiet contemplation through a focus on time, memory, and light. I look for mundane occurrences that I intuitively recognize as significant, then abstract these moments within the visual language of photography, sculpture, light, and installation. 

The memory of past events contextualizes our interpersonal and material relationships—it is impossible to disentangle these memories from our lived experience. Each of my artworks is a manifestation of personal memory—a reimagining of some past event. I use light to mediate time like a photograph capturing a moment just as it passes: calling awareness to a continual metamorphosis of the present into memory.


I draw inspiration from architectural forms which delineate sacred spaces from everyday life–things like archways or stained glass. These spaces are codified to allow us the freedom of contemplation.


We live in a digital world where information is processed and transmitted at unfathomable speeds. My work is engaging with feelings of disassociation created from spending time engrossed in a digital world, but oftentimes these technologies also allow for real intimacy. I try to present this duality within my work.

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