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My work attempts to call its viewers into quiet contemplation through a focus on time and memory. Utilizing the visual language of lighting and contemporary architecture, I am interested in exploring how timelines can exist within each other in a non-linear fashion.
The memory of past events contextualizes our interpersonal and material interactions on both a personal and societal level. The imagery represented in each one of my pieces engages with the impossibility of disentangling these memories from our lived experience. Each one of my artworks is a manifestation of a personal experience which has affected me.
In addition, we live in a digital world where information is processed and transmitted at unfathomable speeds. My work is engaging with feelings of disassociation created from spending time engrossed in a digital world, and yet the reality of our contemporary experience is the connections these technologies afford hold the potential for real intimacy. I try to present this duality within my work.


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